Beppy Cup

Beppy Cup, the most innovative menstrual cup for women!

The Beppy Cup offers invisible protection for up to 8 hours. The Beppy Cup is made of the highest quality Medical Grade Silicone. The cup is safe and suitable for use in the sauna, sports, swimming and during sex.

Beppy Cup

What makes the Beppy Cup so innovative? Be surprised by the renewed design.
The Beppy Cup is available in 4 different colors: pink, purple, blue/green and transparent.

Unique anti leakage rim

Prevents spillage when removing the cup and is also suitable during intimate moments.

Extra soft material

The cup is extra soft, so you can enjoy your intimate moments to the fullest.

Two is always better than one!

Always have a clean cup at hand to reduce the risk of TSS.

Handy removal loop

The removal loop makes taking the cup out child's play.

Frequently asked questions

Beppy Cup is the most advanced alternative to tampons and pads.

The Beppy Cup has to be folded inside out to be cleaned. Make sure you rinse it with water and a Ph neutral soap. It is then necessary to disinfect the Cup by means of a water steamer (e.g. the Beppy Steamer + Sterilizer) or by placing the Cup in boiling water for 3 minutes. Three minutes of boiling eliminates most of the pathogens (WHO 2015 guides)

If you place the Beppy Cup far enough into the vagina, then the bottom of the Cup is completely flat. If it's not completely flat, it's not open yet.

There are different ways to place the Beppy Cup. When inserting the Beppy Cup, hold the Cup by the edge between your index finger and thumb and fold it. Then you can insert the Cup as far as possible.

There are several ways to insert the Beppy Cup, you can use the 'U', 'C' or 'Tulip Fold'. For more information watch the instruction movie on Youtube.

Insert and removal

Fold the cup in the middle and hold at the top rim. Insert the cup as far as possible. The cup folds out automatically, after which the bottom is flat. Use the removal loop when removing the cup.
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