Which fold works best with the Beppy Cup?

You may be new to the world of menstrual cups, or you may have integrated it into your life for some time now. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in with your Beppy cup, you have probably wondered more than once how to insert it quickly, comfortably and safely. Don’t worry!

Here’s a short guide with three types of folds of your menstrual cup.

U or C-fold:

This type of fold is the most recommended when inserting your Beppy cup, as it allows you to have a good grip and is easy to achieve.

  1. Press the two walls of your Beppy cup until they are together.
  2. When joined together, you’ll see the edge has become a straight line.
  3. Take the cup by the edge and fold it in half to create a U or C.
  4. Hold it with your thumb and index finger from the top, preferably at the edge of the cup, as if it’s held from below, it will pop open early.

Punch-down fold:

  1. Keep the cup upright.
  2. Put your finger on the edge.
  3. Bring the rim as low as possible, seeking to touch the bottom on the inside with the edge of the cup.
  4. The opposite wall must remain straight.
  5. The rim of the cup should be (slightly) pointed to facilitate insertion.


  1. Press the two walls of your Beppy cup until they are completely together.
  2. When joined together, you’ll see that the edge has become a straight line.
  3. Take one corner of the cup and move it to the opposite corner, folding the cup so that it looks like a small triangle.

While you are learning how to place it, we suggest that you insert the cup with both fingers (index and thumb) acting as tweezers. Once inside, the cup should open into the vaginal canal. However, this depends on the anatomy of every woman so you may need to help it open up a bit.

Remember that sometimes it can be helpful to gently pull the cup and push it back, in order to create a small vacuum and help prevent leaks.

Now that you know these three ways to fold your Beppy Cup, we invite you to try them and discover which fold is the most comfortable for you.

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