How do you remove a sponge tampon?

How to remove a Beppy Tampon?

Just like a standard tampon, a Beppy tampon fits well if you don’t feel it. It should be placed deep in the vagina, but if the Beppy Tampon is placed a little lower, it will also work fine. As long as Beppy is placed beyond your pelvic floor muscle, so you can’t squeeze it out.

How to remove a Sponse tampon?

After making love, the Beppy tampon is a little deeper than when you wear a Beppy tampon without making love. Shortly after making love, your vagina is still stretched to the maximum, so wait a moment before removing the Beppy. The easiest thing to do is to remove it while showering or in the bath, then you are relaxed and your vagina is supple and moist. If necessary, you can lower the Beppy a little (weigh it down) by making it wet with the shower, so that the Beppy tampon is easy to grab. Relaxing is the most important thing.

There are several tampons, some equipped with a applicator, others made of bullet-shaped cotton. Beppy is a special soft sponge. Beppy is folded between your index finger and thumb, making it easy to insert. Always read and save the instructions carefully.

Whether you can easily insert or remove a Beppy differs from person to person. A number of factors are important here. How deep is your uterus, is it perhaps slightly tilted? How long are your fingers or how deep is your Fornix? The fornix uteri, fornix vaginae, fornix vaginalis or camaroma is the area at the end of the vagina around the cervix.

But always remember: a menstrual sponge can never disappear into your body. Your vagina is designed to make this impossible. No tampon will fit through the tiny hole in your cervix. It may happen that the tampon moves a little further than necessary, for example if you accidentally inserted a second tampon or had sex. Even then, you can get the tampon out again.


  1. Relax! The most important thing you can do when you can’t find the menstrual sponge is to relax. Remember that the tampon can never get lost in your body. You may find it even more difficult to remove the tampon because you are tense.
  2. Take a nice bath or shower. This will help you relax!
  3. Wait a while before removing the tampon after sex. During sex, your vagina expands slightly due to excitement and stretches it to make room for a penis, for example. This allows the sponge tampon to lie deeper than you would wait a while for your vagina to return to its original state. Relax for half an hour and remove the tampon.
  4. Squatting! Squat in a squat position for a while and squeeze gently. The tampon will then be easier to remove.
  5. Have you tried all the above and still can’t remove the tampon? Then visit your doctor. Your doctor can then remove the tampon.

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Ken jij Beppy al?

Beppy is een soepele tampon, die zich compleet naar jouw lichaam vormt. Past dus altijd, is ademend en bevat géén giftige (chloride) stoffen. Beppy zonder touwtje zie je en voel je niet.

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