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If you like to see how Beppy works, check our instructional video. Frequently asked questions about Beppy are listen below. Find all your customer service questions shopping and payment. Check our storelocator of you like to buy Beppy's in a physical store.

  • Beppy beginners

    Q: Can the beppy tampon disapear?

    A: No, it is not possible. Beppy will stay in your vagina. The only opening in your cervix is too small for any tampon to pass through. It may happen that the tampon moves a little further than necessary, for example if you accidentally inserted a second tampon or had sex. Even then, you get the tampon out again.

  • Q: How do you insert a tampon?

    A: There are several tampons, some are equipped with an applicator, others consist of spherical cotton. The Beppy is a special soft sponge. Fold the tampon between your index finger and thumb, so you can easily insert the tampon. Always read the manual. 

  • Q: Does the tampon fit?

    A: Oh yes, the tampon fits easily. Once you’ve inserted it, it takes on the shape of your body, that’s why the tampon is so comfortable that you don’t feel it.

  • Q: Will my fingers get dirty during insertion?

    A: Only an applicator can ensure that you keep your clean fingers. All other tampons are to be inserted with the fingers. Always wash your hands thoroughly before inserting the tampon, because the vagina is delicate. The Beppy is inserted as every tampon, the only difference is that you have to fold the tampon before you insert it. 

  • Q: How do I know if the tampon is inserted properly?

    A:  Just as with an ordinary tampon, in principle, the Beppy is well-positioned if you don’t feel it. It should be placed well into the vagina, but even if the tampon is slightly lower, the Beppy tampon still works fine.

  • Q: Should the tampon be placed deeply?

    A: It depends on what you are planning to do that day. If you are going swimming or having sex, then it's better to place the tampon deep. When you're having sex this will automatically happen. For "normal" use of the tampon just place right after the pelvic floor muscle.

  • Q: How long can I wear the tampon?

    A: How long you can wear a tampon depends on the strength of your menstrual flow. During the first, heavier days of your period, you will probably need to change the Beppy tampon after 2 to 6 hours. During the lighter days, the tampon can be used for approximately 6 to 8 hours. Always remember to remove the last tampon at the end of your period. After a while you will begin to get a feel for how often you need to remove the tampon.

  • Q: How do I get the tampon out?

    A: Using the Beppy tampon is rather like using contact lenses, you need a little practice to get the hang of it. The Beppy tampon can be most easily removed when you are relaxed; especially on the first few occasions you need to take your time with it. The Beppy tampon can be easily removed, because the tampon has a handy loop that you can stick your finger through.

  • Q: Can you easily remove the tampon when it is very deep inside?

    A: After love-making the tampon will be somewhat deeper than when you wear the tampon without having made love. Right after intercourse, your vagina is still maximally stretched, so wait a bit before removing the tampon. It is easiest to remove it whilst taking a shower or having a bath, then you are nicely relaxed and your vagina is moist and supple. If you like, you can let the tampon sink down a bit (get heavier) by getting it wet using the shower; then the tampon is easier to get hold of. Relaxation is the key.

  • Q: What do I do with a used tampon

    A: Wrap the Beppy tampon in a piece of toilet paper and throw it in the waste disposal. In many public toilets you will find specially placed sanitary bins for this purpose. Never throw the tampon in the toilet. That could cause blockage of the toilet.

  • When using Beppy

    Q: Can I wear the tampon in the sauna as well?

    A: Yes, you can wear the tampon without problems in the sauna.

  • Q: Can I wear the tampon in a (Turkish) steam bath?

    A: Yes, you can wear the tampon without problems in a (Turkish) steam bath.

  • Q: Can I swim with the tampon in?

    A: With Beppy tampons, you can do anything you like doing during your period. They offer you the opportunity to play sports, go swimming and even make love as normal during your period if you want to, since the Beppy tampon absorbs the menstrual blood inside your body.

  • Q: Can I use Beppy during (scuba) diving?

    A: Yes, insert the tampon before you go scuba diving and make sure it's inserted deep enough. You can easily scuba dive 2-3 hours with the Beppy tampon. 

  • Q: Does your partner feel the tampon when you’re making love?

    A: When you’re excited, your vagina is more stretchable than in a non-excited state. If the tampon is at body temperature, it is soft and flexible like the wall of the vagina. For a man, it may feel like coming up against the cervix (this is something a man often feels). If you are making love with your regular partner, he may well feel a difference (because he knows you so well physically).

  • Q: How can you have sex with the Beppy tampon?

    A: If you use Beppy, your vagina will simply be moistened naturally, this happens at the beginning of the vagina. Beppy is deeper. Of course you can use extra lubricant without problems.

  • Q: Can you use Beppy with sex under water?

    A: Yes that is possible. The chances of leaking are only bigger. Make sure you change your tampon regularly

  • Q: Can I use Beppy in combination with a condom?

    A: Yes, for many years these tampons are being used in combination with condoms without problems.

  • Troubleshooting

    Q: Is it possible to insert the tampon too deeply?

    A: The tampon can never get lost inside you, because it can’t go anywhere. The passage between your vagina and your cervix is far too small to allow a tampon through. The tampon catches the menstrual fluid optimally if the tampon is placed past the pelvic floor muscles and against the cervix. If the tampon is placed behind the cervix, the tampon does not work.

  • Q: How is it possible that Beppy is leaking?

    A: Sometimes it can happen that Beppy is so deeply inserted that Beppy is leaking. Beppy is then behind the cervix. The menstrual fluid flows from the cervix. Beppy optimally absorbs the menstrual fluid, when Beppy sits on the pelvic floor muscles and against the cervix. Like any tampon, Beppy can leak on the heavier days after 2-4 hours. Then it's time to remove Beppy and bring in a new one.

  • Q: I can’t get the tampon out, what now?

    A:  Above all, stay calm. The more you relax, the more easily you get the tampon out. Pull the tampon out with your fingers. Search for the loop and use that to pull it out. If this does not work, try to perform a vaginal douche in order to make the tampon heavier. In case that also does not work and you can't easily find the loop, you can crouch and use 2 fingers (tweezers grip) to pull out the tampon. You may use some light pressure.

  • Q: Is it always possible to remove the tampon?

    A: Normally yes. The first few times may be a little harder. The first time you use the tampon, we advise that you not put it in very deep, so you can practice to insert and remove the tampon. After using it more times and you have more experience you can insert it deeper. After sex you should wait about 20 minutes until the vagina is less stretched. You can crouch and push slightly so that the tampon comes down. It may happen that the tampon moves next to the cervix. In this case it is more complicated to take the tampon out. You can never leave the tampon in for longer than 8 hours. If it is impossible to get the tampon out you must go to the doctor or gynecologist within 24 hours. If you have a tilted uterus, it may be more difficult to remove the tampon. Check with your doctor or gynecologist.

  • Safety and Hygiene

    Q: Can I use the Beppy tampon more than once?

    A: No, you can not re-use Beppy tampons. After use, you must throw the Beppy tampon in the waste disposal.

  • Q: Can I use Beppy during the night?

    A: Yes, this is even very comfortable. You can move as often as you want in your sleep, Beppy remains safe in place - unlike a sanitary napkin. Although your Beppy may carry a little longer at night, blood loss is usually lighter if you lie down. However, you always have to go right before bedtime and bring a new tampon immediately after you get up.

  • Q: Can I urinate as normal with the tampon in?

    A: Oh yes, the tampon is positioned in your vagina. The vagina, urethra and anus are separate from each other and have their separate openings. So you don’t need to change the tampon every time you go to the toilet. It is often even a bit easier to remove the tampon after urination because you can relax better then.

  • Q: Do I lose my virginity when using Beppy tampons?

    A: There is a chance that the natural elastic opening in the hymen, through which menstrual fluid leaves your body, is too small for the Beppy tampon to get through. This does not actually mean you lose your virginity. There are many different definitions for what it means losing your virginity, depending on culture and religion.
    Virginity is a complex matter but in general losing your virginity happens with penetrative sex, whether the hymen has been broken previously or not. Beppy tampons can be used by young girls and women who have not yet had sexual intercourse as long as they are already familiar with regular tampons and are aware and confident enough to use the tampon correctly.

  • Q: Does the Beppy replace the standard hygienic products for women?

    A: In principle not. There are women who, in connection with allergies, only use the Beppy tampon because it is a synthetic sponge. Other users ensure that they have Beppy for special occasions, such as a day at the beach or a visit to the sauna.

  • Q:I have an IUCD; won’t the IUCD strings stick to the tampon?

    A: You don’t have to worry about that. The strings of your IUCD will not stick to the tampon.

  • Q: Can I have sex without Beppy while menstruating?

    A: Sure you can, it is just such a mess. Do not forget to use condoms and birth control. 

  • Q: Can you get sexually aroused from a big tampon?

    A: No, not as far as we know.

  • Q: Can you use the tampon against vaginal discharge?

    A: Vaginal discharge has a reason. By using tampons you increase the risk of infections. If you suffer from a lot of discharge than use a panty liner and change it often. 

  • Q: What is TSS (toxic shock syndrome)?

    A: TSS is a rare but very serious disease that can even be fatal. TSS is caused by bacterial intoxication and is associated with the use of tampons and other super-absorbent materials, such as sanitary pads and diapers.

  • Q: Can the TSS disease also occur with Beppy?

    A: Each tampon manufacturer should include a warning about TSS on the package leaflet of the product. The Beppy tampon does NOT contain dioxin nor rayon and therefor the risk is considerably reduced. Research around the TSS disease is always kept silent. 

  • General information

    Q: Beppy is on sale in only one size. Does the Beppy always fit?

    A: Beppy tampons only come in one size and always fit. They are, in fact, very flexible and soft and that ensures that the one size will be a good fit for every woman.

  • Q: Is the Beppy tampon hypo-allergenic?

    A: Yes, Beppy tampons are hypo-allergenic and it’s fine for women who can’t tolerate standard cotton or cellulose tampons to use them.

  • Q: Why does not Beppy have a string?

    A: This ensures more ease of use while wearing. You are therefore free to do and leave what you want. When you are in the sauna, swimming pool or on the beach, for example, you no longer have to worry that the string is visible.

  • Q: Is a tampon without string hygienic?

    A:  A tampon without string is as hygienic as the use of a tampon with string, as long as you wash your hands before and after the removal.

  • Q: Can you leak with Beppy?

    A: As with any tampon, you have a chance of leakage. Therefore, use the Beppy Tampon during the lighter days and change them sufficiently during the heavier days. In addition, a tampon may not sit well, make sure it is inserted past the pelvic floor muscles and is against the cervix

  • Q: What is the difference between the DRY and WET version?

    A:  The WET version is equipped with a removal tab and lactagel. This makes Beppy more user-friendly, so you can easily insert and delete Beppy. The DRY version has an anatomical shape and is intended for the experienced user.

  • Q: Where is the Beppy tampon produced?

    A: The Beppy tampon is produced in-house under supervision in the Netherlands. The manufacturer is ISO certified, which means that the product and the protocols meet the international standard. A quality product made in the Netherlands. 

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