Beppy Pure® Tampon (8pcs.)


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  • Beppy Pure® developed for sensitive skin!
  • Beppy Pure® is perfect for special occasions.
  • Beppy is much more comfortable than "hard" tampons.

Beppy Pure® Tampon “the best of both worlds”. After Beppy DRY, which is characterized by its anatomical shape, and Beppy WET, impregnated with lactose gel, we introduce Beppy Pure®. Beppy Pure® is there for sensitive skin. Soft sponge material specially developed for sensitive skin.

Comfortable tampon without string

The Beppy Pure® tampon is specially designed for women who want to feel free during their period. The Beppy Pure® tampon is a menstrual sponge without string. This makes the tampon ideal for use during a visit to the sauna, sports, swimming, sex and more. The tampon has many advantages.

  • With Beppy Pure® you feel free during your period! With the sponge tampon you can just exercise, swim, go to the sauna or have sex. Your partner or environment won’t notice this at all!
  • Beppy Pure® does not have a string but a handy removal loop. So Beppy Pure® is completely invisible! No more annoying strings during your sauna visits, for example!
  • Beppy Pure® has been specially developed for sensitive skin. Super soft, flexible and forms itself to your body.
  • With Beppy Pure® you can avoid unpleasant odours.
  • With Beppy Pure® you can have sex without any problem. Your partner won’t notice a thing.

How to use Beppy Pure®

STEP 1: Always wash your hands before and after inserting the tampon. Open the foil package at the notch.

STEP 2: Fold the tampon between your thumb and forefinger. Make sure that the notch in the tampon points downwards.

STEP 3: Inserting the tampon: Take a comfortable position; this can be standing with one leg higher, crouched or sitting. Relax the pelvic floor muscle and insert the tampon deeply. Push the tampon with your middle finger in the direction of your tailbone up to the cervix.

STEP 4: Removing the tampon: Always wash your hands before and after removing the tampon. Relax and take a crouching position. Use your index and middle fingers as tweezers and use the handy notch in the tampon. Remove the tampon gently. Press lightly with the tampon if necessary.

How long to hold?

The wearing time of the Beppy Pure® tampon depends on the amount of blood loss and the day of your period. This is different for each woman. The guideline for changing the tampon is: every 2-4 hours during the hard days, every 4-8 hours during the light days of your period. Never use the Beppy Pure® tampon for more than 8 hours.


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