Should you wash period underwear?

Should you wash period underwear?

Of course you should, all period products need to be washed and properly replaced to avoid bacteria and infections. Although period underwear is easier to wash and use, it’s very important to know how to take good care of it so it lasts for long while it maintains its shape.

First of all, keep in mind that period panties are made to retain fluids, so it’s important to follow the care instructions so that the wash is effective and thorough as you don’t want traces of your period to remain on them. Besides this, follow these tips to keep your period undies in good shape:


Unlike the menstrual cups, period panties are made of fabric, so it’s important to bear in mind that they don’t require the use of boiling water to be properly clean. You can wash period away with cold water and mild detergent, but we recommend never using fabric softener since it damages the fabric long term. For hand wash, which is the ideal method because it ensures underwear lasts longer by keeping its shape, be sure to check the water runs clear so there’s no traces of soap.


However, if you prefer to wash period panties in the washing machine, bear in mind you still need to set it on cold water temperature and a delicate cycle. For drying, never use a dryer or an iron of any kind, but always hang dry the underwear in a place where air flows and there is no humidity.


Curious fact: although some of us love washing our underwear in the shower, we mustn’t hang dry it in the bathroom. This, because constant steam and humidity in bathrooms can lead to bacterial growth. If you do this, just remember to hang them out to dry in an airy space.


Hope these tips have been useful enough for washing your period underwear and making them last for as long as possible!

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