Sports during your period

Why should you keep exercising during your period?

Nothing should be done of course, not everyone is the same, but research has shown that sports during your period can make you feel better. In the first place this is because you create a fabric that makes you feel a little happier during your workout. You may recognize that feeling of happiness after you’ve done a good workout. You feel better in your skin, you have been able to empty your head and a nice proud feeling because you finally went anyway. Also, sports make you feel less bloated. Of course, this also saves a lot!

A nice fact, Stacy Sims, exercise physiologist at Stanford University, did research into the impact of menstruation on sports performance. Her research shows, among other things, that your body recovers faster during your period. “The reason for this may be that your body is preparing for a possible pregnancy,” says Sims.

Playing sports with Beppy

Sports with a sponge tampon is an ideal combination. You generally feel a lot freer with a soft tampon in it. Besides that you don’t feel the tampon and you can do endless squatting, jumping jackets and lunges in all glory. Beppy Soft + Comfort has no string and gives you invisible protection for up to 8 hours.

The most important thing is that you listen carefully to your body. Do you really feel uncomfortable and have severe cramps? Don’t force yourself and take it easy!

Are you more into swimming? Then read our blog about swimming with a soft tampon.

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