Swimming during your period!?

Menstruation during the summer

Of course, you don’t want your period to slow you down in what you would normally do. Swimming is a good example of this. Having your period and swimming is just fine together. Provided you feel like it yourself, of course. There are a number of products on the market that you can use during your period, when you want to swim. The regular tampons can be used while swimming. Yet there are a lot of women who don’t like to swim with a regular tampon. This may be due to the rope. Through the string the tampon can be filled with water, for example. Some women also indicate that they are constantly aware of the rope and therefore check all the time whether the rope is still neatly in the bottom.

Swimming with a menstrual cup

In addition to the regular tampon, you could also opt for a menstrual cup. The menstrual cup is also perfect for swimming. The cup collects the blood and you don’t have to worry that there is a rope to see. The menstrual cup is also a more environmentally friendly alternative to the regular cotton tampon.

Swimming with a soft tampon

The sponge tampon is also ideal for swimming during your period. Beppies don’t have a string and perfectly fit to your body. These soft tampons feel very comfortable and you get the feeling that you don’t have a tampon in you at all.

Swimming is a sport and sports can soothe stomach cramps.

Another reason to just take a refreshing dip! Sport stimulates the blood circulation in your uterus, which reduces menstrual pain. During sports, a lucky hormone is released, making you feel a little better anyway!

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