Do you dare to swim when you have your period?

Swimming with tampon

You’ll probably already be swimming or going to the beach with tampons, because it’s more practical than sanitary towels during your period. Tampons are more discreet and generally comfortable to use. The only drawback is that most tampons have a string, so you should be careful not to see it anywhere when wearing your bikini or swimsuit. Of course, you can use a wider section of bottom if you’re afraid the string will escape. You can also choose to use tampons without a string, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Beppy tampons without a string are hygienic, discreet and comfortable, so you can just go swimming when you have your period.

Get your period to the beach

Unfortunately, your period does not go on holiday in the summer, which is why you need to find a hygienic product that makes you feel secure, so that you are free to do whatever you want, for example beach volleyball with friends or go down the slide in the pool. In a previous post we also give tips on what you can do if you get your period while on holiday. And did you know that you can use Beppy tampons very well? Beppies don’t have a rope and perfectly fit to your body, so you don’t really notice you’re wearing them. You can also wear them for up to 8 hours, so you don’t have to look for a toilet on the beach or pool every time. So now you no longer have any excuse for not going swimming or going to the beach this summer, even if you have your period. Try Beppy tampons this summer and feel comfortable, secure and free!

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Beppy is een soepele tampon, die zich compleet naar jouw lichaam vormt. Past dus altijd, is ademend en bevat géén giftige (chloride) stoffen. Beppy zonder touwtje zie je en voel je niet.

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