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Beppy modellen!

We will send you two Beppy Cups
and you will organize your own photo shoot! Take control into your own hands and make a
beautiful photo series in which you embrace your period. Do you find it difficult
to photograph yourself? Then ask a friend to help
you create unique images. 

The best part of all this is:
You can keep the two menstrual cups and you will receive a unique discount code to use
yourself on our webshop or to share with friends, family and/or your
followers! In addition, the selected photos will be shown worldwide.

Fill out our questionnaire
to participate in our casting to model for Beppy. We look forward to
your submission and beautiful photos!

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Beppy models!

Apply to be a model Beppy via our Form​

Be Selected

If you are selected as a model we will contact you and we will send you the Beppy Cups!

Get Creative

Organise your own Photoshoot with the Beppy Cups and send us back your beautiful PHOTOS!

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