Beppy Cup

Beppy Cup is the most innovative menstrual cup for women.

Sustainable alternative

Looking for a sustainable alternative to menstrual products? Then choose the Beppy Cup.

Save use of material

The Beppy Cup is made from Medical Grade Silicone.

Two is always better than One!

Always a clean cup at hand to reduce the risk of TSS.

Intimate moments

Like our other menstrual products, the Beppy Cup is also suitable for sex.

Beppy Comfort Gel
Super Lube!

Super smooth water-based lubricant.
To be used as an additional vaginal lubricant,
when using sex toys and for intimate massage.

Super smooth
odourless lubricant!

Beppy lubricant is odorless and this is so nice for both!
Beppy Comfort Gel can be used in combination with
condoms and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Does not stain

Beppy Comfort Gel does not create annoying stains and
is easy to wash out of clothing and bedding.

Developed by women, for women

Beppy Soft+Comfort soft tampon


Do anything you like for 8 hours.

The Beppy tampon is specially designed to be worn during sports, swimming, in the sauna, travelling and for sex during the period.



We know that no woman is the same, not on the inside, not on the outside. Beppy is designed so that the tampon takes on the shape of your body and not the other way around.


Hygienic and skin friendly

The Beppy tampon has been developed by gynaecologists and has been carefully dermatologically and clinically tested. Made of super soft, skin-friendly material.


Try Beppy Soft + Comfort DRY

Beppy DRY has a soft structure and adapts to the shape of your body, which is why it always adapts to the shape of your body.


Try our Beppy Cups

Beppy DRY heeft een zachte structuur en neemt de vorm van jouw lichaam aan. Past daarom altijd!

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