Tips for Removing Menstrual Cup Stains

menstrual cup discoloration

Can I remove the stains from a menstrual cup?

Hello! We know that you are wondering how to unstain your menstrual cup. This is a common doubt that we’ll help you solve so that your menstrual cup lasts as long as possible looking new.

First of all, you should know that the menstrual cup will acquire a different color as you use it more and that it’s not possible to avoid it completely. However, there are homemade recipes that will help you keep it clean and keep its original color longer.

You shouldn’t worry about the yellow stains that appear on your menstrual cup; this doesn’t mean that it’s poorly washed or that it’s being damaged. Blood is a fluid that easily stains the surfaces with which it comes into contact, and medical silicone is no exception, especially when this period is prolonged. These yellow stains appear because the blood particles oxidize and adhere to the walls of the menstrual cup, which changes color through frequent use.

We recommend cleaning your menstrual cup with Beppy Soap after use with cold water. After that you have to sterilize the cup by simply boiling it with water and submerging it for a few minutes. This is enough to kill the bacteria that may try to proliferate on the surface and to prevent any bad odor from being generated on it. If you’d love this process to be more simplified, you can use our Beppy Steam+Sterilizer for this.

As for what you can do to lessen the spots, you can soak it at the end of your period in a glass full of Hydrogen peroxide. Leave it for a few minutes and give it a few turns so that the liquid penetrates all the sides and folds. This will help you drastically reduce the coloration of yellow spots and the color of your cup can be preserved for longer. Remember not to ‘bleach’ the cup more than 3 times a year as you could damage the cup material. Here we leave you a post in which we explain it more visually: How to remove stains from my glass?


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