Why use a menstrual cup?

menstrual cup

Times have changed, nowadays there’re many new inventions and innovative products that meet needs that we didn’t know we had. We even thought these were already solved! Because of this you have surely asked yourself more than once what the menstrual cup is for? Well, this is much more than a simple feminine hygiene product, since it’s reusable and can be more comfortable than any other item available on the market. We’ll tell you what the menstrual cup is and mention its benefits so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

What is the menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup or vaginal cup is a container mostly made of medical silicone that is inserted into the vaginal canal and retains the blood product of menstruation. Its shape and material allow it to adapt to the vaginal walls. It allows movement and different types of flow without losing its shape or making you feel any discomfort. These are its benefits:


The design and material of the menstrual cup allows a better adaptation to your vaginal canal, allowing you to feel more comfortable and have the peace of mind of doing the usual activities without inconvenience. It’s thanks to this that you can do any type of exercise and task even on the day that you have a more abundant flow. In addition, its ability to adapt to the cervix due to its flexibility, not only allows greater comfort but also prevents leaks and spills, thus facilitating its posture and accommodation with any movement.


The menstrual cup is made with medical grade silicone which does not harm the body. Additionally, inserting the menstrual cup into your vaginal canal helps strengthen the pelvic floor, promoting exercise on the vaginal walls and a more enjoyable sex life. Keep in mind that not all menstrual cups are made with the same silicone and that there are several grades that indicate its quality. To sterilize it, just run it through boiling water for a few minutes or use the Beppy Steam+Sterilizer. Never use it without sterilizing it first.

Ecology and economy

A woman uses around 450 tampons and pads a year, between 6,000 and 8,000 in her lifetime. When using the menstrual cup, this amount changes drastically since its useful life is an average of 6 years. This not only means a wonderful impact on the environment, but also for your economy, since you will recover the investment in less than 6 months. Plus, you can continue to use it after pregnancy, so you won’t have to spend on new menstrual products after your baby arrives.

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