How often should you change your period underwear?

How often should you change your period underwear?

This is a regular question for every new period underwear user, we will give some helpful information on when to change your period panties and why.


Normally, you should change your underwear every 15 hours on a normal basis, every morning before starting your day. On days in which you have your period, it’s likely to choose menstrual hygiene products that adapt to the normal use of underwear, such as tampons, pads or the menstrual cup. Yet, what happens when we need more comfort? Period panties allow you to leave all these behind for as many days during your period as you want, without having to worry about constantly changing your period product or carrying enough for changes throughout the day.


Moreover, Beppy panties offer you a two-set of underwear that adapts to the flow changes during your cycle, so it avoids period leaks and offers extra protection when you feel in need. This kit is not only useful for flow changes on certain days of menstruation, but also helps you to have more options for changes during the day and night. For example, you can use the light flow during the day and switch to the heavier flow at night to sleep more comfortably.


As for the way to change your period pants, Beppy offers you a more efficient and convenient alternative than any other brand of feminine hygiene products; with the “Bloat&Swap” system you can remove your panties wherever you are (even in a public toilet) without having to take off your trousers as the panties can be opened from both sides. And they’re just as easy to put on as they are to take off, so you can change quickly anywhere and store them in their cloth pouch for later washing.



Finally, it is important to know that it is necessary to change your panty liners more frequently than on non-menstrual days, as the build-up of bacteria that can occur when blood comes into contact with the air can result in odours, irritation, infection and even toxic shock syndrome. Despite being made of high-quality materials that allow good breathability, period pants should be changed more frequently than regular panties.


Knowing all this, you now know that you can change your underwear between every 10 and 8 hours, depending on your flow, for hygiene and comfort.

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