Menstrual cup after birth?

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Menstrual cup after birth?

It is understandable to wonder about this, as your body has gone through a series of important changes before, during and after childbirth. Especially in cases where there is a vaginal birth, many women wonder if their pelvic floor will ever be the same again.


On the one hand, it is true that when you have a natural childbirth, the vaginal canal distends, losing firmness and strength as a consequence. This can also happen with induced births since the body was prepared to give birth, but the after-effects are not usually as evident. On the other hand, it is possible to recover the strength of the vaginal walls after a reasonable period of time. In the first weeks of puerperium (also known as postpartum) the body should heal and begin to regain its natural distribution. After about six weeks you will be able to insert the cup. Before this period, professionals recommend using external feminine hygiene items (towels, pads, absorbent underwear, etc.) and avoiding anything invasive. They also suggest avoiding penetrative sexual intercourse, as the body is in the process of healing.


However, once that time has passed, you can reinsert the cup as before pregnancy. It is normal if you notice any leakage or that the menstrual cup is a little loose, it is advisable to consult your doctor so you can start an exercise routine according to your condition. Exercise helps strengthen the pelvic floor and improve lubrication. Also, you can use the Beppy Cup, which allows you to reinforce the rim of the cup to be firmer and help the vaginal walls to support it without inconvenience. Now that you have solved this doubt, you can plan the use of the menstrual cup while you take care of your baby.

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