What is the best way to wash your period pants?

Have you ever wondered when it’s time to wash your underwear,

what is the best way to wash your period pants?

Well, wonder no more! Today we’ll give you some tips to make washing your period panties easy, quick and safe.


First and foremost: always wash your underwear separately from your other clothes. This is key, as the detergent often has a different pH than what you should be using on your underwear, which can lead to rashes or discomfort in your vagina in the long run, washing period pants separately helps preserve the quality of the fabric and shape so they stay looking like new for much longer.


Remember to check and follow care instructions. Depending on brands, countries and products, materials vary, as do instructions for use and care. It never hurts to take a look at the instructions and labels on your underwear.


Be gentle, if you don’t have time to hand wash them, put your period panties in a fabric care bag and a delicate cycle in the washing machine. Also, always choose a low temperature, never higher than 30 °C.


Using bleach and fabric softener is out of the question. These products drastically change the pH of your vagina if traces remain after washing. They also change the elasticity of the fabric and damage the fibres, so they will wear out your underwear much faster. Always use mild detergent and enough water for rinsing.


Lastly, let that air in. As far as underwear is concerned, heat is your worst enemy; avoid tumble drying or ironing at all costs. Try to hang dry the period panties in the open air or in a part of your house where there is good wind circulation, this will not only dry it out but will also help to prevent the growth of bacteria that appear with humidity.


And that’s it! Remember to check very carefully that the underwear is completely dry and clean before putting it away. We hope you found these tips useful.

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