Can you sleep with a tampon in?

Waking up well rested during your period. You feel that you are sinking into a deep sleep, but suddenly you wake up shocked and you are sitting upright in bed. “What if I wake up tomorrow and my sheets are dirty again? During your period you not only have to deal with possible pain in your belly and not feeling well, but you can also worry about leakage. We are happy to tell you how to sleep peacefully during your period and make a nice journey through dreamland, without worrying about a mess in bed.

Holding a tampon at night

A widely used hygiene product for the night is sanitary towels. Some women even put in two compresses at night to prevent their sheets from getting dirty. However, because you move and rotate at night, it can happen that the pads do not stay in place properly and you still wake up with stains in your sheets. In addition, it might feel like you have a big diaper in your underpants and this is not a good fit. What if you want to fall asleep with a certain feeling? For these women there are Beppy tampons. These tampons without string make sure you wake up without stains in your sheets.

Tips for a relaxed night’s sleep

Looking for tips to get a good night’s sleep during your period? We’ll show you how to wake up in the morning with a rested feeling and clean sheets.

Take a nice hot shower before you get into bed. This way you will feel relaxed after a long day and get in bed clean.
Just put on those big, comfortable underpants. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and it is possible that a thong, for example, is not very comfortable at the moment. So take those ‘ooma-underpants’ out of the closet and wear them these days of the month with pride.
Also at night you have to use something for your period. You can hold Beppy tampons for up to 8 hours, even at night. On the question ‘Can you sleep with a tampon’, the answer for Beppy tampons is yes. So you fall asleep without worrying about your tampon.
If you suffer from menstrual cramps, you can crawl into bed with a warm jug.
To create a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom, you can, for example, burn a scented candle (don’t forget to blow it out before you fall asleep, of course) or sprinkle your pillow with bed perfume.
By the way, did you know that during your period your body temperature is slightly higher than normal? So a cool bedroom is important, so that your temperature doesn’t rise too much and you get too hot.
Once in bed, you can do a few relaxation exercises before going to bed, so that you can also lie relaxed in bed. Think of breathing quietly and relaxing all the muscles in your body.
If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you may want to try some other sleeping positions, such as on your side, to avoid having too much pressure on your stomach when you have your period.
And when you wake up in the morning, a shower is a great way to start the day fresh.

And don’t forget to change your Beppy tampon (or any other hygiene product, just what you use). Do you want to try Beppy tampons to get an undisturbed night’s sleep? Then order them quickly. Sleep well!

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