Do you already know her: the menstrual sponge?

What are the advantages of a sponge tampon?

With the many choices in hygiene products for women you are of course curious about the advantages of a menstrual sponge compared to the other articles. Did you already know that:

* It is a tampon without string and therefore invisible? When you go swimming, for example, you don’t have to worry about someone seeing you have your period or about a piece of string escaping from your bikini.

* A menstrual sponge is ergonomic and moulds itself to your body so you don’t have to worry about leakage?

* You can also use a menstrual sponge to make love without your bed partner noticing?

* You can use a sponge to do whatever you feel like when you have your period, without your period being a hindrance. So just go to the sauna, visit the gym or go dancing for an evening without worrying about your period.

Why should I choose Beppy sponges?

There are several providers of a sponge for menstruation on the market. How do you know which brand to choose with the many choices available? We would like to give you a few points of attention to look at when selecting your menstrual sponge.

* Pay attention to the quality of the sponge tampon. There are suppliers with a lower quality tensile strength so that the material tears faster when you remove it.

* Check if the menstrual sponges have been tested. Beppy sponges, for example, have been dermatologically and clinically tested for safe use.

* Check what material the sponges are made of to prevent the sponge from developing fungus, for example. Beppy sponges have a soft structure, but there are also sea sponge tampons available made of a natural material that is not sterile.

* Beppy sponges do not have to be cut to size before you insert them, the sponge forms itself to your body so that no menstrual blood escapes. Other types of menstrual sponges, such as the sea sponge, often have to be processed by you to ensure that the product fits your body well.

Would you like to try a Beppy sponge yourself? Then visit our webshop where you can find all the products.

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