Say yes to the menstrual cup during summer!

menstrual cup

Summer and Menstruation

It’s summer and you’ve probably counted which day is your next period on several occasions. We know that many trips to the beach and pool parties have been canceled or postponed due to the beginning of your period. However, you no longer have to worry about having to change your plans or having accidents during menstruation. So, if you are wondering, can I go in the pool with the menstrual cup ? The answer is an enthusiast: yes!

One of the main characteristics of the menstrual cup is that it works by creating a void once it’s inserted into the vaginal canal. This is a great ally at the moment of jumping into the water, since it doesn’t allow any fluid to filter. This means that you will not only be protected against leaks in the water, but also outside. In addition, the material of the menstrual cup allows you to  maintain better hygiene when getting into the water. Although it comes into contact with the cup, the medical grade silicone does not rust or impregnate, which prevents infection and irritation, as well as bad odors.

In terms of comfort and discretion, the menstrual cup leads the way in feminine hygiene products, especially when it comes to using them at sea or in a pool. By inserting the cup into the vaginal canal, there is no way it will be noticed from the outside, so you can wear the bathing suit that you have been wanting to use for so long. Unlike tampons, the menstrual cup does not have an outer string to remove it, which allows for more discretion. Likewise, the silicone in the cup is more flexible than any tampon, a feature that will make it easier for you to swim and move without worry or discomfort.

Finally, remember that you can use your menstrual cup for up to eight hours in a row, so you can enjoy your walk to the beach without having to worry about finding a bathroom to change your feminine hygiene product. So, enjoy the summer without fear of staining yourself!

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