Types of menstrual cup: Beppy Cup is your best option!


Types of Menstrual Cups

Surely you’ve heard or read about the menstrual cup or vaginal cup and its many benefits. However, you may feel a bit confused when it comes to choosing the ideal type of menstrual cup for you. Don’t worry! We will guide you so that you know what types of menstrual cups are there and why the Beppy Cup is your best option.

 Despite being a popular product, most menstrual cups on the market don’t offer a variety of features for their consumers. In general, you can find the following types of cup:

  •  Classic: It has several sizes and the hardness of the silicone is average, it’s also the most popular.
  • Soft: It has a low hardness and it’s recommended for women with high vaginal sensitivity.
  • Sport: It has a high hardness and it’s recommended for women with strengthened vaginal walls.
  • With applicator: Very few brands have menstrual cups with an applicator.
  • Menstrual disc: Complies with the same characteristics as a classic cup, except for its size and content capacity. It’s recommended for women with a very short vaginal canal.


Advantages of the Beppy Cup

 Now that you know a little more about menstrual cup types, we’d like to tell you why the Beppy Cup is the one for you.

 It turns out that the unique design that the Beppy Cup offers has many more features than a traditional cup on the market. These are its benefits:

  •  Greater softness: Regular cups are harder than the Beppy Cup. Because the cup is softer and more flexible, it adapts easier to the vaginal walls and feels much more comfortable. 
  • Strong Edge: Despite having a softer body than the average, the edge of the Beppy Cup is firmer, preventing any leakage while fitting perfectly into the vaginal canal. It doesn’t matter if you have a high, medium or low cervix; the Beppy Cup’s edge fits seamlessly.
  • Inner anti-leakage Flap: The Beppy Cup has an inner flap that doesn’t allow the menstrual fluid to be leaked when having the cup on, or when removing it.
  • Period-sex friendly: This characteristic of the Beppy Cup is due to both the shape and the additional features. Its flexibility and bucket shape allows the tip of the penis not to feel discomfort. Likewise, the inner flap protects any leak at the time of having sexual relations.
  • Easy removal loop: Unlike other cups on the market, the Beppy Cup has an extraction loop at its base. Thus, after you have released the suction seal, you can simply pull the cup with one finger when removing it.
  • Greater capacity and unique shape: The menstrual cup Beppy Cup has only one size that fits all that ranges from S-M and has the capacity to hold between 25 milliliters (up to the middle of the cup) and 35 milliliters of fluid (up to the rim). This makes it easy for you to pick your ideal cup without any mistakes. Unlike the shape of traditional menstrual cups, the Beppy Cup retains more fluid without covering more area thanks to its shape. Its dimensions are equal to those of any normal cup (45mm high excluding loop / 60mm high including removal loop, 32mm in diameter at the bottom and 45mm in diameter at the top).

Finally, the Beppy Cup is made with high-quality medical-grade silicone, which is hypoallergenic and therefore innocuous to the body. You might also choose between four colors; green, purple, pink, and transparent. And if you are hesitant between two colors, no problem … because the Beppy Cup is sold in pairs! This means that you always have a clean cup with you!

Beppy Community 

If you are ready to change your life and the way you live your period, buy your Beppy Cup on our website. You can also get more information by joining our community. Find us as @beppytampon on Facebook or on Instagram as @beppywomen.

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