Vagina smells, help!

Vagina smells

My vagina smells, help! Everyone will or has arleady experienced this once in their life. You’re changing your clothes and as you take off your underpants, suddenly a whiff of an unpleasant odor comes along. Have no fear, you are really NOT the only one! We need to break taboos.

Of course, it is super important to find out how long this smell has been there and what it is related to. In fact, there could be a number of things going on and I’m going to dive into that with you.

Normal odor

It’s good to know that every vagina has its own unique smell. So no vagina is “scentless”. A vagina’s scent is often described as sour or musky. Of course this depends entirely on your body, no two vaginas smell alike. It also has to do with where you are in your menstrual cycle. So a smell is perfectly normal, as long as it is not overpowering!

A visit to the doctor

It could be that your vagina smells sharp, strange or like fishy odor and if this is accompanied by other discomforts, it is not a bad idea to visit your doctor. This is because there could be a number of things going on, such as:

  • A persistent fungal infection;
  • A bacterial infection;
  • A sexually transmitted disease (STD).

It is therefore very important to check whether you have any physical complaints such as pain, itching or burning in addition to the unpleasant odor. Also, if you have more discharge than normal in combination with an unpleasant odor and possible physical complaints, pay attention!


Does your vagina smells? There doesn’t always have to be something wrong. It can also be the case that for once it does not smell so good and this smell is not persistent and is a one-time event. This can then have to do with hygiene. It is good to know that your vagina cleans itself from the inside and you do NOT have to wash it from the inside. Washing with a normal shower gel or soap can disturb the PH value of your vulva. However, I understand that when you have that one nice date, you want that special touch before you dive into bed with that person. For that you could use a soap that is user-friendly for your vagina, for example: “Beppy Foam”. This foam is perfume-free and does not disturb the PH value of your vagina. You use this foam externally of course and NOT internally.

Do not worry if your vagina smells different than usual. Everyone has this from time to time and it is nothing to be ashamed of! As long as this smell is not accompanied by other complaints and does not last too long.

This blog is not intended as medical advice. For medical advice, always consult your doctor or gynecologist.

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