What happens to my body when I have my period?

Physical discomfort during your period

*You’re clumsier than usual. Do you also have that when you have your period everything falls out of your hands or falls over upright edges, for example? This is because your body retains moisture when you have to be or are not on your period. Experts say this also happens in our brains, which can make it harder to maintain your balance during your period.

*You may find it harder to concentrate. You may not be able to concentrate as well during your period, e.g. at work. It is said that the menstrual pain reduces your ability to focus.

*You sleep less well. Probably you have a warmer night and can therefore sleep less comfortably. Because of the low estrogen level in your body you get very warm when you sleep. Possibly you will even wake up because of this. By the way, did you know that this also happens when you enter the transition?!

*You suddenly touch the diarrhea. It’s very annoying to get diarrhoea next to your period, but it happens that you suddenly get diarrhoea when you have your period. This is due to the so-called ‘Prostaglandin’, which causes all your intestines to tighten, not just the muscles in your uterus.

*Your vagina feels uncomfortable. During your period, the pH value in your vagina increases. It is possible that this causes you to feel a bit uncomfortable “down there”, and for example to suffer from a burning sensation or itching. If you have your period, you also have a quicker chance of a fungal infection.

*Your voice sounds different. As a result of the other hormones in your body during your period, your voice may sound different during these days of the month.
Your breasts look bigger than usual. Many women notice that when they have their period, their breasts are bigger than normal. This is due to the hormone porgesterone that causes your mammary glands to enlarge. A disadvantage is that your breasts often feel more painful.

*You eat strange combinations and find that normal. It is possible that you normally eat almost no chips and during your period suddenly have a terrible appetite to empty an entire bag at once. Most women feel like eating weird combinations and you may want to eat extra sweets or salt. Keep in mind that you don’t eat too much sweet or salty, because too much sugar causes extra insomnia and too much salt causes you to retain more fluid.

Using sanitary towels, tampons or beppies
Since your body already experiences enough discomfort when you have your period, it is of course nice to use a hygiene product that doesn’t bother you any further. Beppies are invisible tampons that can be used for up to 8 hours. These tampons without string form themselves all the way to your body so that you (almost) don’t notice that you are wearing them. Do you want a menstrual period that is as comfortable as possible? Then order Beppies and try them.

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Beppy is een soepele tampon, die zich compleet naar jouw lichaam vormt. Past dus altijd, is ademend en bevat géén giftige (chloride) stoffen. Beppy zonder touwtje zie je en voel je niet.

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