Why be happy with my period?

*You can just eat a whole bar of chocolate on your own. No one will look at you strangely.

*You have a good excuse to walk around in easy clothes, like your pajama pants, for a few days. Because you hold moisture, tight clothing often doesn’t sit well. Don’t forget to fish out the back of the closet with your big ´oma-underpants´ as well.

*Unabashed crying is allowed! Let yourself go and cry along with that one movie, your favorite TV show or a beautiful book.

*You can enjoy a day of shopping, unlimited credit or debit card withdrawals and then throw all your expenses on your hormones, because they are upset. If you don’t feel well, you should of course do something to make you feel good :-).

*You often feel more like having sex and enjoy your period more. Because of the hormones your vagina is more sensitive and you may feel more like rolling around in bed. With Beppy tampons you can just have sex without you or your bed partner noticing that you have your period.

*There is more understanding for your lesser mood. You can throw everything on your period and believe us, there’s probably no one trying to go against it.

*If you feel like it, you can stay in bed unhindered for three days. Your girlfriends will understand how you feel and friends are too afraid of your bad temper to argue with you.

*You have a good excuse for not going to work out if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes sports can give you energy when you have your period. But hey, if you don’t feel well you stay at home on the couch or in bed.

*You are more creative than usual and will be able to do certain things better. Because your female hormone level is lower when you’re menstruating, your spatial insight is ginger. Suddenly you will be able to read cards better ;-).

*Your breasts are often bigger during these days of the month. A nice excuse to show them a little bit better and to put on that nice sweater that has been in your closet for a long time.

Using sanitary towels, tampons or beppies
And remember, it can only get better from the first day of your period. Around day three or four of your cycles your hormone level will change and the male hormones will increase again, which will make you feel better. You will get more energy and feel happier. In the meantime, you can use the Beppies when you don’t want to be hindered by your period. So try to make the best of the days you menstruate!

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