Best-performance winner Beppy Soft + Comfort

Beppy is the winner

Beppy Soft+Comfort has been nominated and selected as the best-performance winner in the soft-tampon category. Beppy has been chosen as the product with the best performance compared to 10 different soft tampons! The number one comparison website in Germany; tested a selection of tampons and made a list of the 10 best menstrual sponges. also wondered if the tampons are suitable for sports, swimming and sexual intercourse and what about skin tolerance, comfort and absorbency. Of course Beppy Soft + Comfort checked all boxes 😉

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Beppy is een soepele tampon, die zich compleet naar jouw lichaam vormt. Past dus altijd, is ademend en bevat géén giftige (chloride) stoffen. Beppy zonder touwtje zie je en voel je niet.

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