Having great sex during your period: Tips from a sexologist

Tips from a sexologist on having great sex during your period:


Let’s get down to business and see the advantages of having sex when on your period and what we can do to make this experience more enjoyable. This is the sexologist’s Daphne Cristofides advice, founder of Love Mind Therapy .


  • Talk to your partner. Talk about how you feel about having sex during the days of your period and what you can do to make this experience more comfortable for both of you. Everything runs more smoothly if there is a good level of trust with your partner(s).


  • Use towels , blankets, wetties, tissues, or whatever you want, keep them nearby if you want to avoid staining, or if the blood on your fingers or body makes you uncomfortable. Let’s clarify that free bleeding during sex is also an option.


  • If you are concerned that sex may be messy, your first option can always be to try it in the shower, which is also a good way to change your routine and allow you to try new positions. As always, take all the necessary safety measures (non-slip mat, for example).


  • It is a myth that you cannot get pregnant during your period. Sperm can survive in your vagina for up to 7 days, so the recommendation (especially if it is casual sex) is to use a condom , as you will also be protecting yourself from several sexually transmitted diseases. Talk to your doctor for more information on this. 


  • Practice Mindfulsex , a tool to improve your sexual experience, which helps you be in the moment you are experiencing during your sexual encounters.

Breathing and maintaining focus exercises, among others, can help you be more aware of your body and flow with the situation, so that you can enjoy any sexual experience by taking it in using all of your senses, thus making it more intense and pleasurable. 

It doesn’t matter if you have your period or not, nothing needs to take you away from the present moment.


  • Get creative with sexual positions. Here are some convenient choices when you’re on your period:

Missionary : The most classic position where you are lying on your back with your legs bent and open, and your partner is on top of you. It´s great for this occasion as you are lying down, which makes period cramps decrease and reduces menstrual flow.

Spooning : Both lying on your side and looking in the same direction while you are penetrated from behind. Similar to missionary, it decreases the outflow of menstrual flow and allows for deeper penetration.

Butterfly : Similar to missionary, but your glutes should be on the edge of the surface (bed, sofa, table, etc.) so that it is more comfortable and satisfying for both of you. You should put your legs on the shoulders of your partner, who will be standing or kneeling.

Any sex position in the shower , if it doesn’t matter if you get dirty. Let your imagination go wild!


PS Remember: sex is not just penetration. You can always choose to enjoy sex without penetration being present. Take advantage of oral sex, massages, carressing your bodies. All the games that you like and both agree to and feel comfortable with. 

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to be able to talk about these matters and feel confident with your partner.


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