Menstrual cup won’t pop open

menstrual cup wont open

Has it ever happened to you that the menstrual cup won’t pop open?

We know that this can make you a little nervous, so we bring a couple of tactics that you can implement when popping open and removing your cup to make it much more comfortable, easier and faster.

You should know that not every time you insert the menstrual cup you’ll have the difficulty of opening or removing it, several times it happens in a simple and predetermined way. In addition, the fact that you feel some resistance from the cup when you are going to remove it means that a vacuum has been generated and that the cup is well placed. Remember that this vacuum prevents cup leaking even with heavy flow. However, there’re times when you can experience some trouble getting it to open or even to remove it. Reason for this might be:

  • You’re new to using the menstrual cup and you don’t have much practice with it
  • There’s no good lubrication
  • You’re not well placed or your cup is badly folded
  • You have a high cervix

Knowing this, you can follow the tactics below to make it easier to open the menstrual cup and remove it from the vaginal canal effortlessly.

  1. While standing, insert your middle finger (we suggest this finger since it’s usually the longest, but you can do it with the one you feel most comfortable with) inside the vaginal canal until you touch the side of the cup. Then lower it or press on the side to break the vacuum or to help the edge open up well. You can do this if you are having trouble opening the menstrual cup when you are inserting it or if you are having trouble removing it.
  2. If the above tip didn’t quite work, you can repeat it and additionally pull and push a bit the whole menstrual cup to help the walls and rim settle and open all the way.
  3. With the Beppy cup you have more possibilities. You can insert your index finger into the vagina until you reach the grip. Then, pull a little. At the same time and with your middle finger, push the side to break the void while you remove it by moving it a little from side to side.
  4. You can also curl up to shorten the vaginal canal a bit (this helps those with high cervixes), which will allow you to reach it more easily. You can take your cup from the grip and give it short twists while pulling it a little at a time.

Finally, we suggest that you help yourself with a little water-based lubricant the first time you use the menstrual cup, so your body and your vaginal canal get used to it. This will also strenght your pelvic floor, which is good for your reproductive and sexual health. Additionally, it’s very important to try different methods of intimate hygiene products while you get to know your body better and choose the correct size to avoid discomfort or leaks. Plus, if you use the Beppy cup you can easily check when the cup has been successfully opened inside. For that, you just have to touch the base and feel that it’s flat and the circumference doesn’t have any weird fold.

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