My menstrual cup slides down

My menstrual cup slides down

We’ve heard it many times; women who have experienced that their menstrual cup slides down while wearing it. A menstrual cup is one of the most durable period products. When it’s placed inside your vagina it is held up by your pelvic floor muscles and by the vacuum effect you applied during insertion into your vaginal canal. When your menstrual cup slides down it can be very annoying because you will feel the cup much more. This is because you only have sensory nerves at the end of your vagina. This explains why you should not feel a cup when it is placed correctly. In addition, the cup does not work as well when it is lower down in the vagina, because the vacuum can then be broken more quickly, which can lead to leakage during your period.  

Why does my menstrual cup slide down?  

One explanation could be that you have weakened pelvic floor muscles and therefore the cup sags down when worn. Some women experience this after giving birth. Would you like to know more about using a menstrual cup after pregnancy? Then we definitely recommend you to read this blog. There are exercises you can do to train your pelvic floor muscles, watch a video with exercises here. It could also be the size of your menstrual cup, did you already give birth? It may be the case that you need a larger cup. You will hear conflicting advice when it comes to the hardness of the cup. Our advice is to choose a cup with a firm rim. This rim can help the cup stay in place better. Did you know that our Beppy Cup features a firm rim? The inner wall of our Beppy Cup makes the rim extra firm. 

The disadvantage of a traditional menstrual cup  

An annoying side effect of a traditional menstrual cup that sinks down is that you start to feel the stem. If this bothers you a lot, you might consider cutting off the stem or wearing the cup inside out. However, this will make it more difficult to remove the cup as you will not be able to pull it out by its stem. If this prevents you from reaching the cup, we recommend that you tighten your pelvic floor muscles when sitting on the toilet. This way the cup will move downwards. You may wonder what the difference is between a traditional cup and a Beppy Cup. Unlike traditional menstrual cups, our Beppy Cup has a unique removal loop that ensures you can remove the cup properly, which makes it a very innovative design. 

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