Using the menstrual cup for the first time

First time using a Menstrual Cup

Welcome to the world of the menstrual cup! We know that this change can make a big difference in your life and your health. We can tell you for sure that this will be great for you and that you will not regret making this change for your comfort, safety and economy. We invite you to read on to learn key facts about the menstrual cup and everything you need to know to start using it effectively and easily.

The first thing you should know about the menstrual cup is how it works. It’s a container made of medical silicone that is inserted into the vaginal canal and retains the blood that comes with menstruation. Its design allows it to adapt to your vaginal walls, while strengthening its muscles. At the same time, it guarantees comfort in movement and adapts to different body postures without losing its shape generating discomfort.

In addition to this, its material protects your body from infections and bad smells thanks to its easy cleaning and sterilisation. It’s important to know that because it’s not made of rust-proof materials, it makes it much harder for bacteria such as staph to grow and attach, protecting you from dangers such as toxic shock. In terms of savings, you can stop spending on pads and tampons every month; the menstrual cup has a lifespan of 6 years on average. This is great news for the environment and for your wallet, as you’ll recoup your investment in less than 6 months – great news!

Now, you’re probably wondering how to use your menstrual cup. Don’t worry, it’s easy! The first thing you need to do is sterilise it, soak it for a few minutes in boiling water to kill any bacteria on its surface (do this even if the menstrual cup is new). Once it’s at a comfortable temperature, press the two sides of your cup together until they are completely flat and then fold it in half to create a U or C shape. Carefully insert it into your vaginal canal and, if needed, help yourself with a little water-based lubricant. It’s best to bend down a little to ease the insertion of the cup, which relaxes the vaginal walls and prevents discomfort.

Another consideration when inserting the menstrual cup is to wash your hands thoroughly before handling it to avoid infections and fungus that can cause itching or irritation. Finally, remember that you can help the cup open up well inside the vaginal canal by touching the border with your finger and breaking the vacuum that is generated by pressing a little on the rim and pushing a little. Rest assured, the cup will not get lost in your vaginal canal. And now, we hope you have found all this information useful and we wish you a wonderful start with your menstrual cup.

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