Your period in the sauna?!

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There's a myth that when you have your period, you can't go to the sauna, for example because it's unhygienic. As long as you use the right hygienic product for women, none of this is true. So even if you have your period, you can relax. As a sauna tampon, for example, you can use a Beppy without a string. The advantage of this is that nobody can see that you are wearing a tampon and have your period. You can wear Beppy for up to 8 hours, so you are well protected during a sauna day. One thing less to worry about.

Relaxing in the sauna
By the way, did you know that the sauna helps very well against menstrual pain? The heat makes you relax for a while and your muscles and joints become more supple. The latter, in turn, can reduce pain, including back pain. In addition, a sauna visit has even more advantages for a healthy body. If you spend 10-20 minutes in the sauna, your heart rate will increase by about 50%. Actually, at that moment you are doing a small workout, also called passive sports. In addition, the steam and the warm ones will open up your pores. In combination with sweating, this ensures that all waste products can leave your skin and that it is rinsed thoroughly on the inside. The sauna also helps to improve your immune system. The heat of the sauna ensures that your body produces more white blood cells, which provide protection against viruses and diseases. And if you have a cold or have problems with your respiratory system, a sauna visit can also do you good. The heat helps to improve blood circulation in the respiratory tract. Reason enough not to let your period stop you from going to the sauna.

Use a ‘sauna tampon’. 
Have you tried the sauna tampon? Order Beppy so that you are prepared for your next day of relaxation. If you still feel a bit insecure to go to the sauna right away when you use the Beppy wellness tampon for the first time, you can also try it at home first. This allows you to experience the protection for yourself and next time you can relax in the sauna without any worries.

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