What foods to eat and avoid on your period!

Nutrition and Menstruation

Did you know that by eating or not eating certain ingredients you can change how you feel during your period? We have listed a number of products below.

Whole-wheat products

Your digestion slows down during your period. This makes it important for you to take enough fibers. Healthy fibers help keep your bowels going and provide a feeling of satiety. Go for good fiber-rich bread or breakfast, for example some oatmeal. You will also grab snacks less often.

Iron-rich vegetables

Your iron level may be a little low during your period. You can replenish your iron by eating iron-rich vegetables. Examples of iron-rich vegetables are lentils, chard, kale, Brussels sprouts, spinach, peas and asparagus. In addition, these vegetables are of course also full of other good vitamins and minerals.

Red meat

Are you a meat eater? You also increase your iron content by eating red meat. Think of carpaccio, a steak or minced meat. Meat is also rich in proteins, zinc, selenium and various B vitamins.


If you are not such a meat eater then you could opt for shellfish. Shellfish are very rich in iron and very nutritious. Oysters and mussels, for example, contain a lot of iron.


It is always important to drink enough water but during your period you can use some extra fluid. Many women also retain some fluid and by drinking enough water you could remedy this.

Food & drinks better to avoid during your period.

Fried food

We can all very well imagine that you are in the mood for a little bite. Yet it is better not to eat fried things during your menstrual period. Fried food contains many trans fats. These trans fats increase your estrogen content and therefore your menstrual pain.


Caffeine narrows blood vessels and increases estrogen. This can cause cramps to get worse. Caffeine can also be found in tea and cola.


Your blood sugar level is a bit confused during your period. This makes it easier for you to grab ice cream, chocolate bars, cookies and chips. Now it is true that your blood sugar level rises. We find this a difficult one because on the one hand you could say that you can better not take refined sugars, but on the other hand you should also be able to do this when you feel like it, right?

Soft drink

Not only soft drinks, but drinking with carbonic acid in general can cause a bloated feeling. And you would rather not have this bloated feeling during your period. You should therefore drink plenty of water.

Do you recognize the above? Do you eat differently during your period or does your diet stay the same?

And are you looking for products to help during your period? Have a look at our Beppy Cup and our Beppy tampons! These products will make your life a bit easier during your period.

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