Can I use a menstrual cup with an IUD?

Can I use a menstrual cup with an IUD?

We often get the question whether you can use a menstrual cup in combination with a hormonal or copper IUD. The answer is: YES, you can! So don’t listen to the scary stories that circulate on the internet about this. However, it is important to take a number of things into account when you want to combine the two. We will go into detail in this blog, so be sure to read on!

What do you need to know when you want to combine a menstrual cup with an IUD?  

An IUD (Intrauterine Device) is T shaped birth control device with a string at the bottom, it’s used to prevent pregnancy. When you get your IUD inserted, the string is cut by your gynecologist or doctor. The IUD itself is inserted into your uterus and the string protrudes at the cervix. For some women, this string forms around the cervix during wear and they therefore probably won’t notice there is a string, for other women, the string hangs against the vaginal wall. When you want to use a menstrual cup in combination with an IUD, it is important that the cord of your IUD is no longer than 3 cm. This can cause you to accidentally pull the IUD strings along when you remove your menstrual cup and you could end up removing your IUD. Of course you want to prevent this at all times. When placing an IUD it is therefore very wise to ask the gynecologist or doctor to take this into account.   

How long should you wait after inserting an IUD before using a menstrual cup?  

Studies have shown that you should wait at least 3 months after inserting your IUD before using a menstrual cup

Breaking the vacuum is a must!  

Compared to other period products, the use of menstrual cups comes with a steep learning curve. It might take you around three periods to figure out how to insert and remove a Beppy Cup the proper way.  When you insert a menstrual cup, it is important to have it vacuumed against your vaginal wall. This way you reduce the chance of leaking. Menstrual cups don’t suction directly, once inserted, first you’ll need to make it pop to its original shape by grabbing the loop and twisting it a little bit. This way you create vacuum. During the cup removal, it is very important that you break the vacuum before you pull it out! If you don’t do this, you increase the chance of moving the IUD because you could pull it by mistake, because the vacuum has not been broken. Also, be careful not to accidentally pull the string with your finger.  

How do you properly remove a Beppy Cup?  

You can break the vacuum by placing your index finger between your vaginal wall and the side of your menstrual cup and then pushing it in. With your third finger, you can simultaneously hold the loop. Once you have broken the vacuum, you can simply remove the Beppy Cup by pulling on the loop.  

Is there an increased risk of IUD expulsion when using a menstrual cup?  

A recent study by Long et al found that there is a (small) increased chance of IUD expulsion when using a menstrual cup, as opposed to women who do not use a menstrual cup. In this study, 1,092 women were followed for 3 years. The group consisted of cup users and no cup users. After 24 months the numbers were looked at, then it was found that 17.3% of the women who did use a menstrual cup had lost their coil within this period. In 30.4% of these women, this occurred during the removal of the menstrual cup. This result is slightly higher than in the group of women who do not use a menstrual cup, where 5.2% lost their coil in this period. 

If you have any doubts about if your IUD insertion was done right, or do you want more information about how long your IUD string is, we recommend you make an appointment and have a check up with the doctor or gynecologist. They can provide you with medical advice. 


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